In Hazlet, there is nothing more important than community. We are excited to announce that we have committed to building a baseball club to develop and foster the growth of our community through the engagement of students, community members, and alumni. As our family population is growing, we feel it has never been more important to strengthen bonds amongst our population, build community loyalty in a healthy manner, and give our community members another reason to be proud and represent Hazlet. A club such as the Hazlet Elks Club would provide both the young and the old a safe place to get physically active and make connections with their peers.

There are over forty of us who have committed to this revitalization project. We plan to reclaim the Hazlet ball diamonds and build a Senior Hazlet Elks ball team to conditionally play in the Sask/Alta League for 2019. This year we are focusing on building a safe and aesthetically pleasing ball diamond as well as offering Hazlet’s youth a place to learn baseball and people to mentor those kids.  If we are unable to join the league this year, our players are still committed to building a long lasting baseball club while playing 8 - 10 exhibition games within the Sask/Alta League; spurring excitement and preparing for a full league commitment in 2020.

  However, we would not be able to serve our team or community without a lot of work and fundraising! We are currently raising funds to put into restoring the Hazlet Baseball Diamond and getting equipment for the 2019 season.

Would you like to donate? We have set up an online donation option for anyone who is interested in helping out! Follow the link below to donate to our efforts. If you are interested in a larger contribution, and would like to receive a Charitable tax receipt, or discuss sponsorship options/needs please contact someone from our Committee. (Committee List Below)


Thank you for your consideration and we hope to see you at a game this year!

Hazlet Elks Baseball Club:

Erin McKnight(306.741.7873), Lindsay Alliban (306.741.3775), Faye Keenleyside, Patti Shannon, Dean Alliban, Brandon Dewar, Colten Stock, Steve McKnight, Tara Dewar and Riley Hughes

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Hazlet Economic Development Committee

Box 171, Hazlet, Saskatchewan, Canada