We are still looking for around 6-8 host families for international students this upcoming 2016/2017 school year!

Are you interested? Please contact Kristy Sletten, Joselyn Hughes, Teresa Benson or Shelley Heck

Hazlet International Reunion 2016

"Coming back to the reunion was coming home for me. Even after 5 years it felt like I never left. Made me fall in love with Hazlet all over again!" - Celia

"Coming back to Hazlet after 8 years felt like I had never left. It's a great town with even greater people." - Newton

"Thank you for arranging the reunion! Being back in Hazlet to see my friends and family again was amazing. It was wonderful to experience the feeling of coming home. Hazlet is such a special close-knit community, which I truly appreciate being apart of."- Agnes

"It was quite surreal being back in Hazlet! I was amazed at how at home I felt after all these years. It brought back some awesome memories and I can only hope to make more there. This trip has given me the upmost respect for Hazlet and it's incredibly welcoming people who put so much love and pride into making it the wonderfully unique town it is. Thank you!!"  - Andrea